5 Reasons to Ditch your Pedestals

5 Reasons to Ditch your Pedestals

You may think this is strange bearing in mind we are in the business of selling office furniture but here goes.

Firstly a dictionary definition:

'a support for a desk, consisting of a boxlike frame containing drawers one above the other.'

This definition is a little out of date as most pedestals are mobile and do not support the desk but it is a definition.

Lets get to the 5 reasons to ditch your pedestals

You lose approximately 500mm (50cm) of your valuable leg space making working for 10 hours a day just a little bit more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

  1. The pedestal generally is used as a dumping ground containing half of the worlds supply of paracetamol and goodness knows how much stationery squirrelled away by its user during the latest round of stationery budget cuts!
  2. After your organisation and your design partners waxing lyrical about agile working and flexibility in the workspace the flexible benching installed suddenly becomes as flexible as the old cubicle systems as each user is able to claim this space as their own based on the fact that 'their' mobile pedestal is situated in front of that desk.
  3. Cost. Not only do the users lose their keys on a daily basis - requiring replacement constantly (one Company we know were spending £47,000 a year on buying and fitting new locks as they didn't know where to but replacement keys!) but there is the cost of the pedestals themselves. These little beauties are more labour intensive to make than a desk.
  4. Consider why you actually need them. The usual reason is to keep wallets and purses in. Well, if you run a company that has so many potential petty thieves amongst you - well say no more!

We do appreciate that there are some work places where a lockable solution is mandatory. (see link)

So what are the alternatives then?

The current thinking is to provide either shared storage or personal solutions. The personal storage solutions can be stored in the office, taken offsite and are also available with a lockable version.

It is worth poiting out that with cloud based document storage widely available to businesses large and small there is a certain amount of internal work to be conducted regarding culture and data protection to finally lose the inanimate box commonly known as the pedestal.

One last thing, if you have steel pedestals they are highly recyclable!

Author: Tim Scott