10 Reasons to Leave Your Office Chair

10 Reasons to Leave Your Office Chair

You've heard it a thousand times over but the "sitting is the new smoking" trend is everywhere and there's very good reason for it. We spend more and more time sitting down and typically sat in our office chair longer than we're asleep. We've compiled a list of the top 10 reasons to get up and move around.


We'll start with something as simple as water. Rarely we get our full fill of water per day so set yourself a goal per day and try to stick to it. Alternatively, find yourself a smaller water bottle which means you have to get up and move around more each day.

Screen Break

It's strongly recommended to take 10 minutes per hour away from your flickering screen so get up and stretch in those few moments.

Walk to a Colleague

Rather than calling or emailing a colleague, take a few moments to walk and talk to them. Many problems we all face at work are easily sorted by face to face communication.

Take a Longer Route

After you've been at your job for a while you'll have sussed the most effective and shortest route to get around. We challenge you to take the long route to the stairs or the loo

No Working Lunch

Resist the temptation to eat at your desk and get up and move around. Find an open space or invite a colleague to meet.

Take the Stairs

Rather than waiting for the lift, have a quick walk up the stairs to your desk in the morning. It may only be a small change but it all helps!


Jump into the modern World of technology and get your self a pedometer or smart watch. You can set challenges and goals with these and share the results with colleagues.

Standing Desks

Becoming ever more popular is the standing desk. Some come as a retro-fit to an existing desk and can easily switch between sitting and standing. All you have to do is move the chair and carry on as normal

Fresh Air Break

When your colleague takes a few minutes to pop outside to have a smoking break, head out as well and spend that time walking around and stretching your legs. There's nothing wrong with a fresh air break!

Walk to Work

The final tip helps avoid the rush hour queues and constant traffic jams almost everyone faces on a daily basis. Start to walk or cycle to work and make use of your companies schemes for an added bonus!