15 Modern Office Layout & Design Trends for 2017 by Jonathan Long

15 Modern Office Layout & Design Trends for 2017 by Jonathan Long

The startup and tech world is always ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to office layouts that encourage collaboration and creativity. Outdated office layouts that feature rows of desks and work stations are on the way out, and being replaced with more of an open floor layout consisting of comfortable and team-focused work areas.
Why has there been a switch to a more modern layout? Here are a few reasons why they work so well:

Improved Office Chemistry

When employees and team members work together daily, in collaboration-inspired work stations that feature multiple seats, it forces them to unite together to accomplish their goals. The office chemistry becomes a lot stronger than it would be if all employees sat in rows of cubicles.

More Creative Environment

From open floorplans to comfortable lap top work areas and game rooms, the modern office trends make for a much more creative work environment. Many companies will go the extra mile to make the office comfortable and branded to compliment the company culture. When employees are given a little more freedom to work from fun and comfortable areas, rather than sitting at a desk, the creativity level will rise.

Increased Employee Productivity

When you are able to make your employees feel more comfortable in their work environment it’s going to naturally lead to more productivity. When you are able to improve the productivity of an entire staff, it leads to better numbers, with revenue being the most important.

Enhanced Appearance

Transforming an office to a more modern feel immediately improves its appearance. The look and feel not only is appreciated by the staff and team members, but it’s a good look to show clients that your company is up to date on trends and constantly innovating.
Take a look at the infographic below to see fifteen popular modern office furniture and layout trends. If you are considering modernizing your work space, use it as inspiration to help transform your current office into a more creative and productive environment.


Author: Jonathan Long

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