eva - responsible, innovative... beautiful by Orangebox

eva - responsible, innovative... beautiful by Orangebox

Fewer dedicated workstations and more shared collaborative workspaces means the way we work is evolving from sitting in one chair at a desk all day every day to working across multiple locations in shorter bursts.

At the same time, the demographics of the office environment are broader than ever before. The workplace has a significant role to play in improving the health, happiness and productivity of all employees, and can hold the key to attracting and retaining a talented workforce.

By investing in the right product, companies can express the value they place on their people – the most important asset of any organisation.

eva places greater emphasis on user experience and comfort while upholding the commitment to leading by example in environmentally responsible product design and manufacture.

The design approach adapts to changes in the workplace. A new generation of ‘light touch’ task seating is simpler to set up and in need of fewer adjustments. In fact, you can let the chair make many of the adjustments itself.

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