Why should I buy high quality office furniture?

Why should I buy high quality office furniture?

This is a question that we get asked often and I thought it was about time that it got answered. Whilst you do not have to spend fortunes putting together a great working environment there are some very clear reasons (as with most products) that buying cheap certainly does mean buying twice.

Reasons to buy high quality furniture.


Many low cost products have 1-2 year warranty at most which is not much help when you have 50 chairs and the arms or gas lifts go a bit awry just after the warranty ends. The Aeron chair from Herman Miller for example has a 12 year warranty. Important to note is that with high quality products comes an engineering back up from a quality manufacturer who will repair any issues under warranty or at at a relatively low price outside the warranty.


Behind many pretty simple looking products there has in many cases been months if not years of Design Teams working hard to not only design products that are fit for purpose but to design in 'futureproofing' so that the product is still relevant in years to come. Nothing embodies this more than the Eames DSR chair designed over 50 years ago and pretty much manufactured to the original design. Plus, the chair still looks amazing in my opinion (I have them in my kitchen!)

Cable Management

One of my own personal bug bears is working with a client who particularly on desking is concerned so much about price that they choose a product with very poor cable management and consequently when you return a month after they have moved into what was a lovely office there are wires and IT cabling everywhere and the place looks awful. 

Life Cycle Costing

A grand sounding concept but aligned with the warranty an £1100 chair with a 12 year warranty is actually lower cost to purchase than a £100 chair that has to be replaced pretty much every year. (The £1100 chair will also have a second hand resale value).

The Environment

Higher quality products are much more likely to be manufactured from either recycled material or recyclable material. One of our manufacturing partners Orangebox operate the Cradle to Cradle principle ensuring that furniture components can be recycled back into the same grade of product i.e not becoming a yoghurt pot!

Made in Britain

Almost all of the manufacturers we work with are based in the UK and design and produce high quality and beautiful products so if nothing else you are supporting UK Plc which is never a bad thing. It is worth asking when purchasing if the products that you are ordering are from the UK.


From our own point of view it makes sense to promote high quality products as we have been tasked by the Client to sift through the market and recommend suitable products that will not only look fantastic but provide value for money and longevity. There is no point is us winning a project on price based on low quality products if we spend very other day attending to snags and issues! Reputation is everything,

Author: Tim Scott