The modern workplace landscape increasingly recognises the need for a multitude of spaces, including shared breakout spaces, private work, relaxation zones and more orthodox work settings.

Adaptable multizone configurations which create ‘neighbourhoods’ allow for convenient evolution of spaces to flex to new and emerging workplace trends. These ‘hackable spaces’ enable the occupier to make products and spaces their own, empowering the user to build a space which best suits their requirements.

 Powder coated steel frames available in matt black only

 BTwo frame widths – 750mm and 1,000mm

 Two frame heights – 2,600mm and 2,400mm

 Bungee cords available in 8 x colours: Black, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Olive, Blue, Yellow, Green

 Accessories include: Planters, Shelves, Whiteboard, AV unit

– Planter, shelves and AV unit elements available in 12 x MFC colours