The day has finally come for many of us and after a week or so of (hopefully) merriment and joy to all and a well earned break (for most) it is time to either:

a) Come back to work

b) Escape to a ski resort or sunnier climes

A few tips to embrace January…

1) The Shortest Day was on 22nd December so each day is getting slightly longer.

2) Make your job list.

2) If possible get into the office on your first day back to meet and check in with colleagues. (This one is vital)

3) Check the adjustments on your task chair and if you are lucky enough your sit stand desk to ensure you are comfortable.

4) Bring in or buy some nutritious and healthy snacks and drink lots of water to offset and of those excesses!

5) Go for a walk at Lunchtime

6) Finish on time if possible!

There we are that wasn’t too bad at all!

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