Touchable texture

Yoredale has a fresh new look for Spring 2023. 

We have expanded the palette to 33 colourways, introducing a selection of pastels, neutrals, denim blues and rusted reds. 

Woven from British wool, with incomparable tactility and innate durability, Yoredale contains an innovative black binder yarn which accentuates the texture of the bouclé and creates appealing visual detail. 

Certified for use in commercial and residential environments, Yoredale appeals to the home, hospitality, and workplace, and the new colour palette has been designed to reflect the blurred boundary world of today’s interiors. 

Developed alongside our most-loved wools, Yoredale works beautifully with SumiMain Line FlaxMain Line Twist, and Blazer

“These tones have been carefully developed to appeal to the way we live and work today; the colours we want to be surrounded by, whether that’s in our living room or office. There are soft, delicate shades that instantly sooth; warmer, almost burnt, hues that welcome and invite; and neutrals that ground. It’s a palette for now, but it also has the timeless tones that will never go out of style – much like Yoredaleitself; a modern fabric, with a look and feel that is without age.”

Hayley Barrett, Senior Designer