In the bottles we drink from, the bags we carry, the credit cards we pay with, the bin liners we throw away with; almost everything we see, use and touch during our day contains plastic. And that’s the problem. So widespread, it is difficult to conceive of a world without it – but if we don’t begin to reduce, reuse and recycle the amount we use, we may not have a world left.

Once there, its effects are felt throughout the eco-system. Responsible for harming over 800 species of marine life, plastic pollution is a manmade disaster – threatening one of our most crucial life sources with every passing day.
Oceanic is a reflection of Camira’s ongoing commitment to environmental product stewardship, building on their expertise in recycled polyesters to incorporate marine plastic waste for the very first time. Created entirely from recycled plastic, Oceanic brings new life to thrown away products – from debris found floating in our seas to post-consumer plastic bottles, destined for landfill.
One small drop in the mission to clean both the earth and its ocean, this contemporary fabric is a recycled polyester with a purpose.

Partnering with the SEAQUAL Initiative, Camira Fabrics are working to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment. Woven using SEAQUAL yarn, for every 2kgs (4 metres) of Oceanic fabric sold, 1kg of waste is removed from the ocean.

Taking its strength from the raw material from which it was originally created, Oceanic is a highly durable textile, tough enough for a life not only on the seas but also on the seats it furnishes. Blending a soft fluidity with a high level of performance, it is ideal for inclusion in a wide range of modern interiors. 

Delicately dyed using cationic yarn, this multi-tonal textile combines and contrasts a light warp with a deeply saturated weft. With an intricate twill weave, this visual detail creates a subtle pattern – enhancing both the considered colour and careful construction of the fabric. 

With a refined colour selection of 16 shades, Oceanic combines muted, neutral hues with soft pastels and deep bolds to provide a versatile palette that echoes the shades visible on nature’s shoreline, as well as introducing a number of vibrant, trend-led tones.