DynaSpine Back Support

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DynaSpine Back Support

DynaSpine Back Support. Dynaspine™ is a revolution in portable back supports, as its unique design provides dynamic support for the back. Dynaspine™ is designed to help alleviate back ache or back pain and also to prevent symptoms of a bad back, whilst in the seated position. 
Dynaspine™ is particularly helpful if you have muscle aches, nerve pains and tension in your spine or shoulders, which are aggravated by sitting.

Helps alleviate pain in the lower back. Relieves neck and shoulder tension. Allows for a dynamic, ergonomically sound seated position, which reduces pressure on the spinal joints and discs. Provides consistent support, through changes in posture, whilst in the seated position. Reduces aching and numbness in the gluteal muscles. The key features of Dynaspine have been constructed based on the latest research findings on back pain reduction, therefore maximising the benefits for the user.

Technical Information

Height adjustable to allow for correct fitting to huge variety of back types and body sizes.
Flexible design conforms to the contours of your spine for ideal fit.
Central vent to promote optimal airflow.
Ergonomic design allows movement while still offering optimal support.
Encourages forward positioning of your hips on the chair which takes the pressure off the back of your thighs and aligns the spine correctly.


Height: 400-460 mm
Width: 500 mm
Depth: 150 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year

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