Rather than send out long wordy blogs we thought it would be an idea to provide a series of short punchy tips that we believe you will actually have the time to read in today’s mad world!

A number of years ago I was called into a large National Charity (they shall be nameless) to look at how we could refurnish and remodel their offices.

It turned out that although they had a huge office in the West End of London they had £1,500 to spend!
After drawing breath I looked around the office and noted that the place was incredibly messy and so wanting to help based on the fact they were a Charity said to the FM – whilst we cannot help you with furniture or remodelling your office you can easily and cheaply help yourself.

All you need to do is tidy the place up and conduct what used to be called a ‘black bag day’. I went on to say that if each person tidied their own workspace the place would be transformed.

Suffice to say that a couple of weeks later the FM emailed to say the advice had transformed the office.

Feel free to contact me at tim.scott@tsiworkspace.co.uk if you would like to discuss this or anything else Workplace related.