It has often been said during and since the Global Pandemic that the shift in power has gone from The Employer to the Employee.

We also hear from the various gurus Ad nauseam that people are the key to a successful business, great customer service and a happy and inclusive working environment.

Why then is it that the majority of times that you go to an Office on certain days of the week the place is deserted.

Did the free breakfast tempt them in – obviously not?

Or the free booze on Thursday nights – possibly but Health is playing more into the mind these days

You might say I would say this but where I see companies providing fabulous spaces for their people to work in with multiple ‘settings’ to conduct different work activities including lots of plug in power in the various areas these spaces are in the main well occupied all week.

Before we get too excited you can have the best offices in the world but the wrong culture and the rest is history…

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