In our continuing series of short tips we look at why you should buy ‘Proper Office Furniture.

What I mean by this is that there has been a trend over the last few years to in some cases replace whole or parts of projects with products from retail websites for two main reasons – cost and speed.

There are a number of reasons why this is a short term gain and long term pain:

Retail websites come and go – Made for example – what do you do if you need a ‘top up’. Although they are owned now by Next many ranges have disappeared.

Warranty – little or no warranty and no comeback if any issues.

Service Issues – if you damage a piece of quality office furniture sub components and parts are available.

Choice – Retail websites have a much smaller choice of fabrics and finishes available to complement your scheme.

Delivery – if a contract manufacturer provides a lead time – the majority of the time they will produce – some ‘in stock websites’ once you order suddenly announce a 16-18 week lead time!

Sustainability – Contract furniture manufacturers have every accreditation possible whereas you might be driving your Tesla whilst buying a load of furniture made in a land with no concern for the environment nicely packaged in polystyrene.

Lastly longevity – buy cheap, buy twice as they say – just been to see a Client who purchased their UK manufactured furniture 9 years ago and it’s still in mint condition!

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