Over the years whilst attending many, many showroom tours with a vast array of companies from many different industries one of the most common things I hear when we look at all of the gorgeous showrooms that our manufacturing partners spend fortunes designing and implementing is:

We don’t want our offices looking like Google.

I always mutter under my breath ‘I bet you’d like to make even 1% of the profit they do’.

Whilst I understand that companies from different industries feel like they need to look and act a certain way,  the beauty of Google is that (although they have cash to burn) they try things and take risks with their furniture and environment. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I get it that not all companies have vast budgets but within reason trying different products and ideas might not only assist your profitability but also get your staff back in the office more than a day a week. Now that is an entirely different debate!

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