If like me you are of a certain age and like me currently tucking into the rehash on Netflix of the One Day Book by David Nicholls you will be tapping your foot to the tunes of the late 80’s and into the 90’s (i’m only on episode 4). 

My wife and I were discussing how different things were in those days – everybody seemed to have a cigarette in their hand and I saw the main female character using a payphone!

So what does that have to do with Office Furniture? Well – although the  furniture products and the way they and the service offering seems to be drastically different in 2024 when it comes to a deal of any significance we still chat on a phone call, meet in person and develop a relationship to deliver the best products and services – basically to create a rapport and a willing to do more than is expected.

With that in mind nothing has changed over the last 26 years!

Disclaimer: I only started in the Industry in late 1998!

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