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TSI Workspace specialises in creating offices that people want to work In by providing commercial office furniture solutions that deliver enhanced efficiency and employee wellbeing.

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Rawside Bounce

From 9am meetings to 5pm throwdowns, discover your competitive streak on a table that puts the fun in functional.
Available in plain and printed tops to perfect your match style, put your office at the top of their game.
Bounce: it is a game-changer.

Koplus Kolo Duo

The perfect space for a meeting/conference, a workstation, or a personal resting space. Kolo Duo is adaptable to any open-plan workspace to meet your needs.

Kolo Duo features a modular design that accommodates up to 4 people per unit. The configuration can be extended into Duo+ with two units and Duo++ with three units to provide a more formal meeting venue for up to 8 people.

  • Top Acoustic Rating
  • Personalised Lighting
  • Ventilated Space
  • Built-in Charging

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Rawside Buddy

The Rawside Buddy is a perfect addition to any workplace, providing a comfortable and inviting space for any meetings or interviews, offering great seating for multiple visitors.

Mix and match your own by choosing from a variety of colours and sizes, even customize it from a single to a double. See some examples below.

Already a Rawside classic, it’s not hard to see why as companies of all shapes and sizes have found it an ideal way to give a massive amount of flexibility in their work space.

Moventi Corral

Highly adaptable and configurable, the possibilities with Corral are endless. From screening to media walls this system provides a solution to a multitude of applications.

Moventi Corral is a customisable and modular zone divider that gives flexibility to today’s more transitory workforce. Top talent needs a mix of collaborative and private spaces to produce their best work so modern workspaces are having to become complex, multi-functional environments that provide the right mix of private and shared space.

They can be highly customized to the unique design of your workspace with a large selection of sizes and finishes to create a highly attractive visual and acoustic barrier.

Kork Stool

This dual-purpose stool is made with 100% sustainable cork that can be used in several ways. Kork’s form has been designed to enable you to sit two stools together creating a bench. It’s compact design makes it a versatile mobile product, great for agile environments. Kork can be used as a side table.

Huddle Work Booth

This striking addition to the Huddle range is compact and features soft cushion upholstery, generating excellent comfort. Huddle Work Booth creates a contemporary seating arrangement ideal for solo working – a perfect mobile hideaway for focused concentration.

We are open for business!

We just wanted to know that will be here to support all of our valued Customers and their Businesses come rain, shine or a Global Pandemic.

Please do contact us should you need any help or advice on anything Furniture, Interiors or Workspace related.

Bespoke is found in the detail

LANDER by Alastair Fleming

The design came from the Designer Ollie Clark’s boyhood love of Airfix Lunar models hence the name ‘Lander’.

Click HERE to find out more!

On the QT

“Phone booths are incredibly popular spaces for quick call privacy instead of using the stairwell or corridors or worse still walking around the office and annoyingly hovering around other people’s desks.”

Words by Mark Partridge,
Designer of On the QT

Woods – it’s all about wellness

Our physical and psychological well-being has moved center stage and within enlightened orginisations the need to care for their workforce has become a central requirement in the creation of new workspaces.

Woods/planters are designed to make our workplace a more engaging, stimulating and restorative environment. They are designed to allow the originators’ of workspaces to create areas that are centered in the restorative dynamics of nature. Informed by the Biophilic movement and its thesis of both the benefits of and our profound need – to be close to and surrounded by nature.

Our Homeworking Furniture Programme Delivered in Just 72 Hours

Improve your home ergonomics with our selection of simple and smart home office furniture, including home office desks, home office chairs, soft seating and a laptop table.Increase your activity levels for better health and productivity while homeworking.

Download our Priced Homeworking Programme HERE to see how simple, quick and affordable this can be for all organisations or individuals big or small.Tell us what you require and we will issue a quotation for sign off – simples!

The Simplest Homeworking Furniture Programme on the Market – 72 Hour Delivery

Improve your home ergonomics with our selection of simple and smart home office furniture, including home office desks, home office chairs, soft seating and a laptop table.Increase your activity levels for better health and productivity while homeworking.

Download our Priced Homeworking Programme HERE to see how simple, quick and affordable this can be for all organisations or individuals big or small.Tell us what you require and we will issue a quotation for sign off – simples!

Contact me at tim.scott@tsiworkspace.co.uk if you need help or have any questions


Alfresco – it’s the safest way to collaborate

Jennifer Newman Alfresco Bench. Bold design language and solid construction is our trademark combo and Alfresco is one of the pieces that set the standard. Made from solid Iroko timber slats bolted onto a stainless steel frame, it’s an all-rounder statement piece that slots in well on terraces, in restaurants, work canteens or even contemporary residential settings. Plus, the cantilevered ends are wheelchair accessible.

Click HERE to find out more!

Kin – It’s all about Family

Allermuir Kin chairs and stools are a family of elegantly strong mono-shell seating designed for Allermuir by PearsonLloyd. And ‘family’ was the ethos from the very beginning. Kin’s two standout characteristics are beauty and efficiency. No matter the model, you will encounter maximum comfort created by a minimum use of materials.

Click HERE to find out more!

Zone your Office – in Style!

Our friends and colleagues at Allermuir have come up with a stylish yet affordable way of zoning your office.

This solution is now within reach for everyone!

Click HERE to find out more!

The Camera Fabrics Guide to cleaning and disinfecting fabrics and vinyls

Did you know?

So far, evidence suggests that textiles are not seen as a major carrier of the virus, as it does not survive as well on soft surfaces, such as fabrics, as it does it on hard surfaces such as plastics, laminates, metal and glass. On textiles, viruses can get trapped and therefore have reduced likelihood of spreading.

Textiles might not be the biggest risk factor but you can reduce the risk even further through cleaning and disinfection protocols. 

Looking for more detail around how to clean and disinfect effectively? We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to cleaning and disinfecting our contract fabric and vinyls.

View and download flip book HERE

Cleaning vs Disinfection

Cleaning: the process of removing dust, dirt and staining from the surface of a fabric or vinyl to maintain its appearance and prolong its life.

Disinfection: intended to kill germs – micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi – which can cause  infection and spread disease.

We’ve extended our long-standing cleaning and maintenance guidance to include a wider range of disinfection methods across different fibre and material types.

Find out more HERE

Working at home doesn’t have to be such a pain in the neck

Working from home can mean spending even longer in front of a screen than you might do in an office, which is why having your screen set up correctly is really important.

Our ranges of monitor arms provide an affordable solution to keep your screens at the correct height and position, as recommended by HSE guidelines. We also offer a solution so you can easily use your laptop as a second screen.

Click HERE to relieve the pain!

Oceanic – From waste to weave…

In the bottles we drink from, the bags we carry, the credit cards we pay with, the bin liners we throw away with; almost everything we see, use and touch during our day contains plastic. And that’s the problem. So widespread, it is difficult to conceive of a world without it – but if we don’t begin to reduce, reuse and recycle the amount we use, we may not have a world left.

Once there, its effects are felt throughout the eco-system. Responsible for harming over 800 species of marine life, plastic pollution is a manmade disaster – threatening one of our most crucial life sources with every passing day.
Oceanic is a reflection of Camira’s ongoing commitment to environmental product stewardship, building on their expertise in recycled polyesters to incorporate marine plastic waste for the very first time. Created entirely from recycled plastic, Oceanic brings new life to thrown away products – from debris found floating in our seas to post-consumer plastic bottles, destined for landfill.
One small drop in the mission to clean both the earth and its ocean, this contemporary fabric is a recycled polyester with a purpose.

Partnering with the SEAQUAL Initiative, Camira Fabrics are working to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment. Woven using SEAQUAL yarn, for every 2kgs (4 metres) of Oceanic fabric sold, 1kg of waste is removed from the ocean.

Taking its strength from the raw material from which it was originally created, Oceanic is a highly durable textile, tough enough for a life not only on the seas but also on the seats it furnishes. Blending a soft fluidity with a high level of performance, it is ideal for inclusion in a wide range of modern interiors. 

Delicately dyed using cationic yarn, this multi-tonal textile combines and contrasts a light warp with a deeply saturated weft. With an intricate twill weave, this visual detail creates a subtle pattern – enhancing both the considered colour and careful construction of the fabric. 

With a refined colour selection of 16 shades, Oceanic combines muted, neutral hues with soft pastels and deep bolds to provide a versatile palette that echoes the shades visible on nature’s shoreline, as well as introducing a number of vibrant, trend-led tones. 

The Ultimate Working from Home Bundle

We introduce the ultimate Working from Home Bundle to ensure that you can work in comfort and keep healthy with a fully adjustable task chair, sit/stand desk, monitor arm, pedestal and desktop power module.

Click HERE to find out more!

Biophilia arrives IN your reception desk

Our trusted and long term Manufacturers at Clarke Rendall really have come up with a game changer this time. Does your company have the confidence to try something completely different?

Click HERE to find out more!

Straight from the Foundry

The Frovi Foundry Shelving provides contrast between the beauty of wood and raw industrial characteristics of Rebar metal

Click HERE to find out more!

Meet Lima

This fab monitor arm suits all budgets and is from one of the world leading monitor arm manufacturers…CBS

Click HERE to find out more!

Merry Christmas

Firstly, I would like to wish you, your family and all of your colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Secondly, to thank you all for your support to my business in 2019. Every single order large and small is appreciated and it has been a pleasure working with you this year and for some the last 20 years!

Christmas is always a good time for reflection and without going into the political nonsense it has been another interesting year in the Office Furniture and Interiors Business.

Apart from some of the fantastic Projects that we have worked on and superb Furniture that we have supplied, the most encouraging thing we have seen this year is the shift in Office Environments to a situation that supports those that work there in a comfortable and healthy way whilst supporting remote working with a positive change of Employer Culture/Trust and mindset.

2020 will of course be interesting and as ever we are always available to chat through your Expansion, Refresh or Top up Furniture Projects.

Have a great one!

Tim Scott
TSI Workspace

Introducing the new Ion Duo

Introducing the new Ion Duo from Workstories, their new power & dual fast charge USB unit with wireless charging! Available to order in either black or white.

Click HERE to read more!

Find time to Muse

The Connection Muse seating range is an intriguing hybrid of a statement seat and a privacy booth allowing the user to escape the distractions of an open plan space. The enclosed high back privacy booth creates a secluded space by reducing peripheral vision and buffering external noise distractions. 

Click HERE to read more!

You too can be a Nomad!

The Connection Nomad collection is a seamless product fit for a culture of shared space, allowing users to manoeuvre change when and where required. Nomad features a range of sofas, tables and media units that facilitate collaboration and encourage teamwork. 

Click HERE to read more!

FortySeven Tables – Simple and Elegant

Allermuir FortySeven tables are simple, elegant, pedestal tables are constructed with meticulous attention to detail, stability and quality. Their incredibly versatile design gives the specifier greater freedom to mix and match with other Allermuir pieces.

Click HERE to read more!

Lost your keys?

Loosing or mis-placing keys is quite a common occurrence, but loosing your office storage keys can create quite a headache within the workplace. We can source replacement keys for all office storage as well as supply  you with master keys. So why not contact us today to make sure you’re covered!

Noah – 50’s Britain Meets Danish Design

Workspaces are becoming more open, flexible environments, taking inspiration from domestic interiors. The Ocee Design Noah seating Collection creates a relaxed breakout area as well as a contemporary, timeless aesthetic to an atrium or lounge. 

Click HERE to read more!

Introducing SoloScape

A range of freestanding workstations designed to build a landscape to escape within open plan environments.

Click HERE to read more!

Beam me up Scotty

Connection Beam tables are a robust table range which will make a visual impact in any modern setting. The bold design has been built with collaboration and co-working in mind. Beam has a rolled steel joist (RSJ) frame, laminate top and is available in multiple sizes. The wide end frame allows for seating on all sides of the table.

Click HERE to find out more!

Modus VWork Tables – named after its distinctive V-shaped joinery.

MD Capsule Power & USB Modules – available in white or black in a number of different configurations. 

Totally Fab-u-lous!!!

Established & Sons Grid, by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. A colourful room-within-a-room, the raw shell of the Grid System provides a base for modular seating, shelves, tables and screens, which can be integrated in different ways to create a playful and multifunctional environment for informal meetings, presentations or simply hanging out.

Click HERE to find out more!
Senator Array Tables – With every Senator design comes a great deal of thought.
Ocee Harc soft seating is a family of soft seating and matching tables for busy workplaces and collaborative environments

Kurt – A New Dimension to the Seating Booth

Creating another new work space for the agile working environment, Kurt provides an interesting and inspiring new space for working or meeting in the workplace. The softer, welcoming sofa units provide a relaxing and comfortable place to be, while the semi-transparent, ‘voile’ curtains provide a degree of privacy.

Click HERE to find out more!

Straight Outta Wakefield

PixelTUF discreetly presents both mains and 25W USB charging power in an ultra-compact form, meeting the growing need for easily accessible mobile device charging in informal areas. Perfectly suited to breakout areas, smaller meeting rooms and coffee tables, in offices, hotels, and other public spaces – installation  is only limited by the imagination.

Click HERE to find out more!

As Beautiful as an English Summers Day!

Alistair Fleming Lander Table

The Lander Table is a 6 seater solid Oak round dining table which is hand built and made to order in Lewes, East Sussex. The design came from the Designer Ollie Clark’s boyhood love of Airfix Lunar models hence the name ‘Lander’.

Click HERE to find out more!

NOT the new kid on the Block…

Jennifer Newman Block Table and Two Benches Powder-coated aluminium and hardwearing Iroko come together in the Block Table and Bench, a show-stopping range that has made a visual impact in some fantastic locations.

Click HERE to find out more!

Freedom is what you need

Designed to complement any space and integrate effortlessly into the modern office, the Humanscale Freedom task chair offers comfort, style and complete ease of use. The Freedom task chair uses the laws of physics and the sitter’s body weight to provide instant, custom support for every sitter. This perfect balance allows the user to effortlessly move, but be fully supported in each position. As a result, users change postures often, which leads to a more healthy and comfortable sitting experience.

Click HERE to find out more!

Strike a Pose

OE Electrics POSE is a unique solution to providing conveniently locatable power or USB charging socket in casual seating areas. The standard POSE consists of a tough single socket polycarbonate power module fitted to a flexible chrome gooseneck mounted to a weighted base. 

Click HERE to find out more!

Sayl (Chair) of the Century

Good design, healthy support and exceptional value are always attractive – and the Herman Miller Sayl chair delivers all three. Sayl’s unframed 3D Intelligent back lets you stretch and move, striking a healthy balance between freedom and support. The elastomer strands of the suspension back vary in thickness and tension to provide greater support in the transition areas along the spine and less everywhere else to encourage a full range of seated movement.

Click HERE to find out more!

Reassuringly Expensive (and British!)

Senator Pailo Desking

As we continually move towards the desire for a more domestic working environment, Senator Pailo desking provides a softer approach to the more formal bench desking systems that explores new ways to introduce fabric into the workplace. The range incorporates single and back to back desks as well as multiple project tables to suit both formal and informal working styles.

Click HERE to find out more!

Scandi – a 2019 Timeless Classic

Frovi Scandi Side Chair

Frovi Scandi Side Chair has a wide choice of stained wood finishes available. The Scandi side chair has a slim back design for greater comfort and crafted Solid Oak or Stained and Lacquered Ash frame.

Click HERE to find out more!

From small acorns…

Combining the timeless qualities of plywood and tubular steel with a soft-touch injection moulded back support, gives Acorn a level of comfort you wouldn’t expect. Acorn’s back support is produced using a bio-polymer meaning it uses less non-renewable resources than a traditional plastic.

Click HERE to find out more!

Anyone for Tennis?

Boss Design Deploy tables are a single table designed to fulfil a broad range of sizes and functional requirements a client may have – even table tennis!!!!

Click HERE to find out more!

Introducing the Rawside Worktable

What makes a desk a desk or a table a table? Isn’t a desk just a table with stuff on – Who knows? All we know is that a desk is really just a table that works very hard. So we created the Rawside Worktable – all you need for your screen and keyboard to get to work.

Click HERE to find out more!

Tubes… It’s in the name!

Connection Tubes Tables have a connected tubular structure which forms the simplicity of the Tubes range. Designed to support functional collaborative spaces Tubes allows for independent & co-working activities. The utilitarian aesthetic & design creates a bold look which can be tailored with a wide variety of table top options. 

Click HERE to find out more!

Introducing NaughtOne Hue Seating

NaughtOne Hue Seating is designed for dividing, creating and utilising awkward space whilst encouraging collaboration at a higher posture. As a luxurious retreat for group or individual work, Hue is perfect for use in narrow spaces, and is ideally suited for pre and post meeting situations.

Click HERE to find out more!

Lighting now available from TSI!

Deadgood Lighting Spun Lights are an honest product inspired by the raw attributes of industrial spinning processes. Manufactured out of spun aluminium these simple pendant lights have been purposely unfinished to highlight the natural imperfections of the production process – now available from TSI Workspace!

Click HERE to find out more!

Meet Lima!

Our brand new budget monitor arm from one of the world leading monitor arm manufacturers…

Click HERE to find out more!

Well, it is summer…!

Frovi Huddle Beach Hut is a quirky design to create a genuine ‘talking point’ available in an extensive range of fabrics with two tone options

Huddle Beach Hut

Click HERE to find out more!

And now for something completely different!

Wyspa seating is an archetype of the furniture created by Christopher Schmidt and Mugi Yamamoto of ITO Design studio. The modern, innovative form of the seats creates a new style in designing. The only thing you need to do if you want to invite others for a chat is to set the sofas in the open position. 

Click HERE to find out more!

Another brick in the wall…

Fabricks are super acoustic bricks made from acoustic foam and wool fabric, designed to look fabulous, divide space and reduce noise. Quickly configured and reconfigured, Fabricks offer the flexibility to change spaces in the modern open plan workplace by creating walls for meeting spaces and individual work areas; the dynamic of a space and even the location of power can be altered in moments.

Click HERE to find out more!

Introducing the Orangebox Cwtch High Back Sofas

Introducing the Orangebox Cwtch high back sofas are a succinct sofa system available in low, midi and high back configurations, and designed to facilitate the creation of exciting, workable sociable clusters and landscapes of soft seating. The cool and elegant Cwtch sofa makes a dynamic architectural statement.

Click HERE to read more…

Introducing the Orangebox Cwtch

Lets Talk!

Here’s a recently completed bespoke conversation pit for a cool workspace…now that’s teamwork!

If you would like something like this in your office please contact us!

Own the co-working vibe in your office!

The Frovi Relic Cloud is a versatile range is a natural choice for any co-working environment, creating collaborative spaces for agile working and social exchange. Relic fuses together rustic detail and industrial inspiration. Bringing together warmly finished wood and well-worn metals, creating a look that’s comfortable, inviting, and on-trend.

Frovi Relic Cloud

Click HERE to read more…

Meet Bob! – Modus Bob Stool

Modus Bob Stool – Michael Sodeau’s Bob is a simple stool made from recycled cork. Reminiscent of Gormley’s clay folk in a ‘Field’, the stools have two finger holes so they may easily be moved around, these holes add a sense of character to an otherwise simple silhouette. 

Modus Bob Stool

Click HERE to read more

Height Adjustable Meeting Tables – AC by Boss Design

Designed by Broome Jenkins and engineered to Boss Design’s exacting technical standards, AC are an elegant height adjustable meeting tables that fit effortlessly into today’s workplace. Designed to address the changing landscape of the workplace ACDC will transform the way you work. One all-encompassing table range, enabling both individual and group work.

Boss Design AC

Click HERE to read more…

Staying Mobile with Jennifer Newman

Practical and versatile, this robust functional Jennifer Newman mobile table addresses the need for tall work surfaces whilst the heavy-duty locking castors provide effortless mobility.

An excellent choice for office breakout spaces, creative studios and teaching spaces, the Huddle Table offers complete versatility and is ideal for spaces where layouts are constantly changing.

Jennifer Newman

Click here to read more 

Need to Make a Call?

Go that one step further with the TP3 telephone pod. With its acoustic panels not only providing a high acoustic barrier, the vinyl panel option also allows you to use the panels for your own design and creativity.

TP3 Telephone Pod

Click here to read more

Introducing the Foundry Coffee Table

The Foundry Coffee Table is made from raw industrial rebar material for a truly industrial finish. Beautifully practical pieces, easy to move around the workplace. Tables tops available in natural oak, with black frames. A selection of RAL colours are also available for the frame upon request.

Foundry Coffee Table

Click here to read more

Keyn to Grab Yourself a Bargain?

Due to a recently cancelled order we have 12 of these fantastic chairs available in stock to buy now. We have 12 chairs available, in 6 different colours (2 of each colour as shown in the swatches above) and all the chairs have Graphite bases, frames and arms.


The Rise of Resimercial Design

The Rise of Resimercial Design – The Urban Sofa range is available in three different sizes, from a single seater to two and three seater options. Available with optional contrasting buttons and a choice of natural or black oak legs. The seats are deep foamed with webbed seat and back for additional confort.

Resimercial Design

Click HERE to read more!

Office Refurbishment – Is Your Office in Need of a Refresh? Call the Specialists!

Don’t let your office give you the January blues this year! Why not let us give your office a new lease of life, from vibrant reception areas and classic meeting rooms to state of the art agile working solutions. Whatever you need we have an office refurbishment solution for you. 

Office Refurbishment

Speak to to TSI Workspace today to discuss your office refurbishment requirements, or click HERE to see a sample of our projects.

Introducing the Axyl Range of Chairs, Stools and Tables

The Axyl range is based around an inverted Y-frame – which gives each product both a high level of structural integrity and a unique design language. The triangular elements have been engineered to provide maximum strength with the most efficient use of materials. As a result, the Axly collection has a distinctive, instantly recognisable silhouette that is made familiar through its reference to a traditional A-frame typology and subtle details inspired by Mid-Century design.

Axle Range of Chairs and Stools

Click HERE to read more…

Meet Cosm

Sit in Cosm, and you just might forget you’re sitting in a chair at all. Its sophisticated ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement and posture to provide natural balance and total support.

Cosm Chair

Click HERE to read more…

Does this Look Famiglia?

The Famiglia seating family includes a collection of low, mid, high back and lounge chairs that between them offer a choice of metal or wooden legs and 5-star bases. These are complemented by a range of occasional and light work tables for informal or formal needs.

Famiglia seating

Click here to read more

Business Class now available to everyone in the office

Mango by Boss Design is a new personal workspace solution, created with head space in mind. Striking the perfect balance between privacy and ergonomics, Mango allows its user to comfortably escape distractions for extended periods of time without the need to leave the room.

Mango by Boss Design is available with or without a high upholstered screen surround, with the option of an extended privacy screen for acoustic insulation to minimise surrounding noise levels. A left-hand or right-hand writing tablet on an articulated arm lets the user position work and devices ergonomically, ensuring the user’s physical wellbeing. Integrated power and data options provide connectivity, essential for modern day work and life.

Mango Personal Workspace Chair - Mango by Boss Design

Click here to read more

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