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TSI Workspace specialises in creating offices that people want to work In by providing commercial office furniture solutions that deliver enhanced efficiency and employee wellbeing.

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Please Assemble Outside with your Laptop

The Hyde Outside Stool is a versatile playful looking stacking stool that adds a splash of colour to any outdoor (or indoor) space.

Ideal for schools, universities, libraries, terraces and bars, The Hyde Outside Stool is manufactured from recyclable polyethylene, making it lightweight, durable and strong enough to survive even the harshest elements of the great British summer!

Rugs R Us!

Designed by Massimo. Tribeca is a natural handknotted rug made of 100% hemp. The rug is  sustainable, natural and biodegradable, showing us what nature has to offer. The simple and rustic design appeals to the senses and makes it easy to fit into all environments.

Get the Office Vibe – Ditch the Electrical Clutter

Simply fitted under the desk, the Vibe wireless charger delivers convenient cable-free charging to all wireless-enabled devices. Ideal for both new and existing fitouts, the Vibe pad easily integrates into to any application from workstations, general areas, soft furnishing and custom joinery.

It’s always good to have Flare!

Flare is our new modular sofa range that explores circular design principles. Available with a low or high back in multiple variants, either as a sofa or individual lounge chair.

Flare is a plug in seating system that can be expanded and reconfigured as required, with materials and components designed to be easily separated for recycling. 

Folk by Allermuir

Folk is a mercurial, but modest family of chair, stool and table designed for Allermuir by PearsonLloyd.

Folk is both timeless in its seemingly familiar design, and timely in its modest and ingenious flexibility.

A range of wood, plastic and metal finishes, different colors and upholstery options allow you to change Folk’s flavour so that it can appear like a range of different chairs that somehow sit together harmoniously in one space. 

It’s flat pack – no glue – assembly and minimised usage of sustainable materials make it a meaningful contribution to ward an over production.

Muuto Stacked Shelving

Being both versatile and functional, the Stacked Storage System can be arranged and rearranged for the exact aesthetic and functional needs of any space. Seen here is a selection of predesigned bookshelf configurations that bring modern storage to any home, workplace or hospitality setting. All modules with backboard can be mounted directly onto the wall.

The Stacked Storage System complies with the European requirements for safety, strength, durability and stability within storage — EN 16121:2013 and EN 16122:2012 — when following the assembly and configuration guidelines.

Copenhagen-based Julien De Smedt is the founder of JDS Architects, an internationally acclaimed architect studio. He is known for his unconventional approach to architecture and design, always working to challenge the existing norms.

Nook Solo Pod

Single person booth for focus work, phone & video calls. Quickly add personal, quiet, clean space to any environment. Available as a closed or partially open booth, Nook Solo adds quiet shelter for the increase in individual video conferencing.

Built for workplace evolution and agility. Designed to act as a stand alone pod, or in combination with other Nook Solos and Nook Huddle pods.

Easily moved, Nook Solo can help to activate challenging space in order to maximise workspace density.

Nook Huddle Pod


Starting with 1 Nook or many, you will appreciate the ability to add or remove elements over time. Moving your Nook to a window – remove the rear wall. 


Complimenting meeting rooms with flexible huddle solutions allows more smaller powerful get-togethers to take place.  Nook Huddle pods take people out of the spotlight so they can re-set themselves without feeling self-conscious. They are remarkably quiet inside, without cutting a person off from the environment, and they allow personalisation of the lighting, which is a vital tool for helping neurodiverse brains to settle.


Up to 90% of cost in an organization is its people, yet people today are less engaged than they have ever been.

Give people places where they can quietly connect with each other and then watch as the collegial bonds grow, which in turn nurture the sense of community. Oxytocin flow builds trust, even friendship, two of the main factors in productivity and engagement.

Quest – a SEAQUAL fabric, created with a conscience!

Created with a conscience, Quest is a continuation of our partnership with the SEAQUAL Initiative to combat marine plastic pollution. Waste made wonderful, this lightly textured textile is woven entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic – transforming this most resilient of materials into a fabric as fluid as the waves by which it was inspired, and which it seeks to save.

With a balanced hopsack weave enhanced by discat-dyed SEAQUAL yarn, Quest brings a touch of the ocean’s natural beauty to commercial interiors.

Shades of the ocean  

Capturing the depth and breadth of the seasonal shorescape, each of the 27 colourways has been as carefully considered as an artist’s paint stroke. From the sparkling blue of a summer’s sea and fresh green of springtime flora to the golden ochre of an autumn sun’s rays and cold grey of a winter’s beachside cliff, the Quest shade selection is filled with evocative, authentic colour. 

Artwork by Maggie Cochran

Contemporary landscape painter Maggie Cochran specialises in coastal art, celebrating its raw beauty in paintings which evoke the unique feeling of being where sea meets land – herself a supporter of ocean protection, she donates a portion of artwork sales to Sea-Changers, a marine conservation charity. 

Inspired by Quest, Maggie created a custom piece of art which pays homage to the fabric’s palette – capturing its redolent, authentic colour on canvas. 

Taking back to give back

Contributing to reducing marine plastic pollution in a tangible way, each metre of Quest contains the equivalent of 23 plastic bottles. To further assist in the fight against plastic waste, we make a give-back donation directly to the SEAQUAL Initiative for every metre of SEAQUAL fabric sold to support their work in cleaning our oceans.

The SEAQUAL Collection 

Quest joins Oceanic – our inaugural multi-award winning SEAQUALfabric which launched in 2020 – and, together, these two textiles form the SEAQUAL Collection. Woven entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic – from debris floating discarded in our seas, used to make SEAQUAL yarn, to bottles thrown away and destined for landfill – Oceanic and Quest are polyesters with a purpose.

United in aim, distinct in identity, these two textiles are unique in their aesthetic – created to work in harmony, or feature in splendid isolation. With a combined colour palette which encompasses bold brights, muted modern tones and perfect pastels, there is a shade and style for every interior within the SEAQUAL Collection of textiles.

Mango Chair

Mango allows its user to comfortably escape distractions for extended periods of time without the need to leave the room.

Mango, our new personal workspace solution, is created with headspace in mind.

Mango is available with or without a high upholstered screen surround, with the option of an extended privacy screen for acoustic insulation to minimise surrounding noise levels.

Mango also fits seamlessly into public areas, including airport lounges, waiting areas, and hotel lobbies, offering users a private space to work, touchdown or relax.

– Large work chair with sprung seat

– CMHR moulded foams throughout

– Left-hand or right-hand writing tablet on 

articulated steel arm

– High upholstered screen surround

– Left-hand or right-hand steel shelves

– Left-hand or right-hand upholstered privacy screen

Workstories Ion Duo

The ION and ION DUO were developed in response to a need for a sleek and minimal in-desk module to suit the style of today’s contemporary desking and workspace environment.

These one-piece units are streamlined to the essential, with no joints and minimal thickness.

Taking on-board the inspiring motto “Less is more”, the ION and ION DUO’s clean shapes make it stand out in the market with its subtle approach to design.

– UK Power + Dual fast charge USB A&C + Wireless charging

– Integrated Thermal Reset Switches

– Individual illuminated Powersave switches
– 800mm drop lead to male GST

– Worktop thickness: 10–70mm

Frovi Scrum Sofa

This is a simple but beautifully crafted sofa that highlights great design.

Scrum Sofa is a simple modular seating system designed to fit within Colony or used within an open plan area.

– Webbed seat and back for maximum comfort

– Black frame and webbed detail

– 45° Bend – Fits neatly into any Colony configuration

– Includes linking brackets as standard

Frovi Bamboo

With it’s minimalistic design, Bamboo offers a contemporary way of zoning and organising spaces. Created as one of our most environmentally friendly products, we have used the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Bamboo is totally customisable and reconfigurable.

Bamboo is a carbon negative material and the use of bamboo products can help achieve a higher certification level for LEED and BREEAM.

Koplus Milli

A minimalist approach to the workspace acoustic booth, equipped with everything you need and nothing you don’t to focus on work.

Milli comes in just two models: sit and stand, offering two natural working position options, and are available only in black or white finish.

The collection is lined with an effective acoustic solution to provide an undisturbed and productive workspace environment. 

– Top Acoustic Rating

– Automatic Lighting

– Ventilated Space

– Built-in Charging


The modern workplace landscape increasingly recognises the need for a multitude of spaces, including shared breakout spaces, private work, relaxation zones and more orthodox work settings.

Adaptable multizone configurations which create ‘neighbourhoods’ allow for convenient evolution of spaces to flex to new and emerging workplace trends. These ‘hackable spaces’ enable the occupier to make products and spaces their own, empowering the user to build a space which best suits their requirements.

 Powder coated steel frames available in matt black only

 BTwo frame widths – 750mm and 1,000mm

 Two frame heights – 2,600mm and 2,400mm

 Bungee cords available in 8 x colours: Black, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Olive, Blue, Yellow, Green

 Accessories include: Planters, Shelves, Whiteboard, AV unit

– Planter, shelves and AV unit elements available in 12 x MFC colours